Ron is a much sought after producer.  In addition to his own albums, he has produced a number of highly-acclaimed CD's for other artists, as well as several award-winning commercials.

Wires and Wood, co-produced with John Van Meter, for Giant Records, featuring mandolin virtuoso Johnny Staats, Kathy Mattea, Sara Evans, Sam Bush, Jon Randall, Tim O'Brien, Scott Vestal, John Cowan, Jim Hurst, Jerry Douglas, Tammy Rogers, and Jimmy Stewart.  For more information about Johnny's music, go to

I Shall Fly, the first CD by father/daughter duo Micah Atkinson (vocalist) and Mark Atkinson (songwriter/guitarist).  Also featured are Ammed Solomon, John Inghram, Chris Stockwell, Johnny Staats, Heidi Muller, Randy Gilkey, Timothy Courts, Lisa Thomas Peery, Doug Payne, and Bob Webb.

Land of Broken Angels is the second CD from this talented duo and was co-produced by Ron Sowell and Don Dixon. All of the songs were written by Mark Atkinson and feature the amazing vocals of Micah Atkinson.  Musicians include Ammed Solomon, John Inghram, Chris Stockwell, Johnny Staats, Jinny Allinder, Don Dixon, Ron Sowell, and Ryan Kennedy.

Daydream is singer/songwriter Amanda Bridgette's debut album.  It also features Bob Thompson, Ryan Kennedy, Doug Payne, Tim Courts, and John Inghram.  Check out Amanda's website at

The Road Home, Songs of West Virginia, Mountain Soul Records, is a compilation of twelve mostly-original songs written and performed by West Virginia artists.  "Country Roads"-Doug and Shelley Harper, "West Virginia Chose Me"-Colleen Anderson, "This is My Home"-Larry Groce, "I Know I'm Home"-Ron Sowell, "Calling My Name"-Kari Blankenship and Mike Ross, "Home Sweet West Virginia"-Leonard Stalnaker, "I Can't Ever Leave"-Jon Wikstrom, "A Firm Handshake"-Doug and Shelley Harper, "God's Own Work of Art"-Michael Wells, "Coming Home"-Don Lee Williams, "West Virginia Morning"-Jan Haddox, and "West Virginia Hills"-Jim Truman.  To purchase this album, click here.

Thirteen more original songs about West Virginia by various West Virginia artists.  "Green and Rolling Hills of West Virginia"-Mira Stanley and Ron Sowell, "Back to West Virginia"-Taylor Maid, "Rise Up"-Larry Groce, "Elk River Blues/West Virginia Hills"-Bob Webb and Heidi Muller, "West Virginia My Home"-Heidi Muller, "New River Swing"-Tish Westman, "Appalachian Way"-Clinton Collins, "Vandalia"-Micah and Mark Atkinson, "Life's Railway to Heaven"-Johnny Staats and Robert Shafer, "Daniel McElroy"-Shane Ingram, "My West Virginia Home"-Howie Damron, "Wild Yonder Blue"-Doug and Shelley Harper, and "Gotta Get Back Home"-Sonya Lee Christian.  To purchase this album, click here.

Jon Wikstrom is my long-time friend and co-writer.  We worked together for two years to produce this beautiful CD.  It contains eleven masterfully written songs and some very fine performances.  It is available on iTunes.

Bob Noone is the Weird Al Yankovich of the legal profession.  He writes hilarious parodies about lawyers and "lawyering".  And he should know - he is one himself!  I produced these two comedy CD's - "Wing Tips Optional" and "Chicken Suit for the Lawyer's Soul" and am a proud member of Bob's performing backup band "The Well Hung Jury". Both his CD's are available on